Monday, May 18, 2009

It means nothing

I've heard the story so many times. I almost wonder if it's on automatic re-play.

The two children torn from a most beloved mother.
Moved across state, far from their birth... and the torture of distance and time.
I can't bear to watch. It seems so real to her. She believes this lie now... prtending that I don't know the truth.
Always the one who was betrayed; the one who got played.
Such a cross to bear.

And here is the real story.
Mother of four, takes up with only one in the middle of the night.
She leaves her babies crying.
She leaves them to the wolf.

Two weeks she is gone.
The eldest left to care for the younger ones... but what does she care? She has with her, the only child she wanted.
The wolf takes the eldest into his bed.
Makes her wear the mothers clothes... treats her like his new wife.
The only relief she finds, is the babies crying in their beds... fear of the darkness.

When mother returns, the wolf decides he wishes to leave... taking the babies with him.
She knows that he is the wolf.
She can see his wolf eyes, and smell his wolf breath.
But she lets him take her babies anyway.

When they are gone; the eldest tells the mother... this is what the wolf did.
So she gathers the eldest and her only child... and drives across the states, to force the eldest to beg for forgiveness, for letting him be the wolf.

This is the story...
and what is.
and it means nothing.

It changes nothing.

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