Thursday, May 28, 2009

I will tell you how it was won...

but I will also tell you how it was lost.

What seems like a maze to you, is simply a matter of paying attention.
The ebb and flow responding to the moon.
There is no mystery here; you just had to find the rythm.
You didn't have to ask the questions to see the answers.

It was won because she was read without asking.
No expectations were wanted, and none were given.
The silence was more inviting than the drive to know how to fill it.
The cup empty... was not a pessimistic attitude.
He understood her; accepted her.... and they went about their days just knowing.

It was lost because she had to speak to be noticed.
Her expectations grew as the silence became deafening.
He needed someone to worship him, and she was not religious.
The boredom became a living thing. Pacing back and forth, looking for a reason to strike!
In time they found more hes and shes to dissect and discard.
But they were always hungry. Always needing to feed.

This is not a complication. It embodies neither love nor hate.
It is simply that matter of human nature come to past, that has been mutated from an old world of simple things.
There is too much food. There are too many toys to play with.
The best you can do now... is to grow inside of it... but never let it grow inside of you.
Learn to get everything you need from just yourself, and you'll never have to need.

I will tell you how it was lost...

But I will also tell you how it was won again...

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  1. How is it not a complication? And how was it won again...