Monday, December 26, 2011

Strange how the new fire burns half as much as the old one
even though it's twice as bright
Strange how in the few moments I was so unlike myself
I was more myself than I've ever been
It is likely, that I will convince myself this never happened
close myself up again
and go on playing the wiser of fools
Strangest of all is that a ghost could be more familiar to me
than my own natural self
yet by this haunting...
I am made acutely aware of just how alive I really am
with or without my need to kill

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Blood Well

When I broke my promise... it took me 10 miles into the woods
Dangerously close to the old tree house
Close enough to smell the rot of your doll collection
And a path to the well
What did you call that place?
ad patres

This is where all things come to end
Each branch of the tree; limb for limb
A family and lifetime of dark secrets
Whispered to the dead
Trapped inside their coffins
When I broke my promise... I went to the well
I drew from it the blood of our family legacy
It made me strong
It made me feel like for my part...
I was meant to be here just like this
Just like the snake in the garden

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dead on Dead

In this moment
my hour of despair
I held the corpse of a child
with scarlet locks of hair
I closed my eyes and prayed
then put the needle in
put daisies over her eyes
and kissed her baby skin

Monday, September 5, 2011

Three Way

Sex toys and shy boys
Whips and chains and Polaroids
Make it fast but make it last
Take me rape me it's a blast!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Stealing Face

1310 till the bottle is dead
I'm underground where I made my bed
6 feet down where the dirt gets fed
I'm going to sleep till they find my head

1510 when the wormies crawl in
The wolfies will howl till he eats my sin
The wolfies will howl and the preacher will begin
I'm going to sleep but world'll still spin

1310 till I can't come back
My face was stolen for a midnight snack
6 feet down where the earth looks black
I'm going to sleep
I'm going to sleep
I'm going to sleep

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Fling

It started with an impulse
this twisted little attraction
A desire to pull the mask away
and exploit his reaction
who am i
Is the game we play
who are you to me?
He comes here to enslave the weak
She cums like she's on E
so many kinds of lovers
fucking, fighting, faking
so many ways to be yourself
broken, biting, or baiting
It takes away the boredom
Replaces it with truth
It ate my face for three whole weeks
That's SO un-fucking-couth!
SW you're my Summer Fling
disturbing and so crass
but thanks for giving me a public place
to watch stranger get raped in the ass!

Friday, June 17, 2011


I feel you inside me: parasite, worm, demon
Clinging to the ribcage
Swelling inside my belly and behind my eye sockets
Twisting your wormish body around my vital organs
Milking my blood supply slowly like a kitten
Sleeping inside the folds of my brain, and hatching your disease
You've laid your eggs on all my living cells
Taken all my nourishment and replaced it with your black potion

I will feed you to the toilet backwards
I will stab at your wormish body with an ice pick
My veins will bleed your babies into the carpet
A starving body will harvest nothing
Miles of desert with no hope of rain
I let you in
I fatten you up
And then I kill you