Monday, December 26, 2011

Strange how the new fire burns half as much as the old one
even though it's twice as bright
Strange how in the few moments I was so unlike myself
I was more myself than I've ever been
It is likely, that I will convince myself this never happened
close myself up again
and go on playing the wiser of fools
Strangest of all is that a ghost could be more familiar to me
than my own natural self
yet by this haunting...
I am made acutely aware of just how alive I really am
with or without my need to kill

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Blood Well

When I broke my promise... it took me 10 miles into the woods
Dangerously close to the old tree house
Close enough to smell the rot of your doll collection
And a path to the well
What did you call that place?
ad patres

This is where all things come to end
Each branch of the tree; limb for limb
A family and lifetime of dark secrets
Whispered to the dead
Trapped inside their coffins
When I broke my promise... I went to the well
I drew from it the blood of our family legacy
It made me strong
It made me feel like for my part...
I was meant to be here just like this
Just like the snake in the garden