Monday, August 29, 2011

Stealing Face

1310 till the bottle is dead
I'm underground where I made my bed
6 feet down where the dirt gets fed
I'm going to sleep till they find my head

1510 when the wormies crawl in
The wolfies will howl till he eats my sin
The wolfies will howl and the preacher will begin
I'm going to sleep but world'll still spin

1310 till I can't come back
My face was stolen for a midnight snack
6 feet down where the earth looks black
I'm going to sleep
I'm going to sleep
I'm going to sleep

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Fling

It started with an impulse
this twisted little attraction
A desire to pull the mask away
and exploit his reaction
who am i
Is the game we play
who are you to me?
He comes here to enslave the weak
She cums like she's on E
so many kinds of lovers
fucking, fighting, faking
so many ways to be yourself
broken, biting, or baiting
It takes away the boredom
Replaces it with truth
It ate my face for three whole weeks
That's SO un-fucking-couth!
SW you're my Summer Fling
disturbing and so crass
but thanks for giving me a public place
to watch stranger get raped in the ass!