Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Trust You

A deep and penetrating trust. The kind alive in an unreachable part of the mind.
You can not know the affect you have on me. It is cast and lurking in the midnight corners of my soul.
You have stirred in me, something I can not place.
Something I dare not touch.
A growing seed of desire...
You are awake inside me. A luminous demon.
A quiet vampire.


  1. Evocative. . .

    the kind of trust that somehow leaves us vulnerable to corruption. . .craved, desired. . .that asks so much and yet also gives so very much?

    Trust that takes just as much as it gives. . .and isn't that the most wonderous kind?

    I love your soul, lovely!

  2. You always know... without knowing. *winks*

  3. Sucking the life and giving you breath.
    A proper vampire, this trust.