Monday, January 11, 2010

only an inch

It's constant.
This little inch of life; seemed smaller than an inch.
The skin was peeled so carefully, and all arangments made.
The horses were fetched by lamplight.
What could we do with only an inch?
I took her to see the ocean when the beaches were dirty, and the horizon was too close to the shore.
I can see her floating there; so close to the sun.
The shrieking of the gulls;
The sound of her screaming, it fades into all other sound.
If I miss her.... she really was.
Not all of us get to die, surrounded by so much to lust for.
It's true that we want to hold on to everything.
The sound of my heart breaking;
it's constant.
What could I have ever done, with only an inch.


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