Monday, January 11, 2010

It's a drinking world...

...So let's go have a drink!

Want to meet for drinks?
Let's discuss it over a drink.
Can I buy you a drink?

How about a glass of wine with your meal?
We'll catch the game and have some beers!
I want to get drunk and go dancing.
It's been a hard day; you deserve a drink...
You've earned it, let's celebrate with some drinks!
Everything is better when you drink! The world is so beautiful when YOUR DRUNK!!!

Are you sure you don't want a drink?
How 'bout just one beer?
Come on... just ONE DRINK!

You're probably so bored, aren't you?
Having to be out with all your friends and not being able to drink...
not being able to connect the dots?
Connect your self with body... your heart with brain... brain with emotion... body with desire. Not being able to fondle your coping tool...
You seem so quiet... so bored... so, wishing you had a way to connect, a way to feel liquid. A way to let the world pass through you like water.
Here is your way... here is your pass to get in... your ticket to ride the rides at the carnival of escape!!!

It's a drinking world BABY...
so let's go have a drink!


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