Friday, September 11, 2009

Back to the Garden

There was something so pristine about that place. The planet did not have to revolve around a star.
The shorelines met the water without a sense of separation, and the people who walked naked on its beaches came; not to find God, but to be God.
In that place, I was fully awake. I didn't need others to describe their vision of who I was to me. I didn't need to defend or justify to my brothers, my right to live. I wanted to stay in the light, but the fruit was just as tempting. I wanted to know; what is God really? Is there a greater truth?
So I took a bite.... and the poison felt so good in my veins that I ate every piece of fruit I could steal from the branches. I fell to sleep under the tree, and when I woke up Paradise was gone. Everything I knew as truth had changed. I ran to the shoreline, and all I saw was a great and dark abyss. Thousands of years will pass as I sleep in this new hell. No one will have the power to wake me up, till I decide to change my birthright.

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