Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm pulling my head around on the end of a string; like a balloon filled with helium.
I can see my hand holding the string, but I don't know how tight the grip is.
Always; there's this fear my hands are going numb, and I'll let the string slip.
Away my head will drift...
first across the ceiling, till it finds the door. I will have to watch in horror as the air starts to circulate in that direction. Then someone opens it...
and out I go.
My body standing still, as my soul escapes.
Then maybe I ascend quickly to a very great height; no control of how far up, or how fast.
I am at the mercy of nature.
There is no wheel to steer my fate.
This is what it's like to lose all control... then SNAP! You get your head back!

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